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Our talented specialists are equipped for managing all pieces of computerised work directly from the quest for design to substance to social to paid media and everything in the center
online university

Online University

online university

Blockchain Technology

online university

Amej Coin

online university

Crypto Exchange

1: aCOIN ( Crypto Token)

We aim to develop our crypto currency in the coming years which could be used in payment options through our payment gateways. Evolving crypto currency technology is slowly capturing the market and we believe to keep up with the market with the latest trends and innovations.

2: Exchange (crypto currency exchange platform )

A trading platform to exchange and trade various crypto-currencies. It will help people to trade their crypto-currencies and buy other crypto-currencies on a single platform.

3: Amej Education

Amej Education will help in development of such a platform that will help in eliminate the gap between students and educational resources. It aims to provide excellent counselling and educational resources to students worldwide.

4:Amej Event

Amej Event will help business in organising interactive and dynamic events to advertise their business in order to increase their customer bandwidth.

5:Global Health care App (Fitness solution )

We envision developing a one-stop solution for fitness care. People will be able to monitor and book appointments online with health experts to improve their health and fitness conditions.

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